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Tue Jul 5th 2022

My Most Rostered Players - Part 1

One thing I like to do each year is look at which players I have the most shares of on my dynasty rosters. I want to remember how I acquired these players and evaluate my process. I like to assess whether It's wise or not to have my dynasty rosters overweight with these players or not.

I still have two rookie drafts to complete, so my rosters are not fully complete, but they're close enough for me to do this exercise. I wanted to see which players are on at least 33% of my rosters. I am in nine dynasty leagues, so players on three or more of my rostered fit that qualification.

Naturally, in most cases, these are some of the players I like the most. In some instances, they're players I don't like as much as I used to, but I've been unable to move them from my rosters in trades. I hope this list and the comments I make tell you how I feel about these players and why I have them on so many of my teams.

I'll start with the quarterback, running back, and tight end positions in this article.

Jameis Winston - 4

  • I've had Winston on my teams so long that it's hard to remember how I acquired him, but I have him in four one-quarterback leagues. I inherited him in my most reason orphan team. I drafted him in one start-up draft, in one rookie draft, and traded Jared Goff for him in one league, too. I put up with Winston's interceptions and sloppy play for years because the Bruce Arians' years in Tampa Bay were so fantastic. He led my dynasty teams to deep playoff runs during those years. His proven fantasy production caused me to hold onto him the last few years and through last year's injury. I only traded him away in one league. Before Winston signed his new contract with New Orleans, I traded him straight up for Carson Wentz after he signed with Washington, a trade aI now regret. Winston has every chance to bounce back to fantasy relevance this season with Jarvis Landry and Chris Olave added to the team and Michael Thomas back. I believe Winston will be in starting lineups for me often in these one-quarterback leagues.

Justin Herbert - 3

  • All three of my Herbert shares were acquired during rookie drafts in one-quarterback leagues. Herbert fell to me in rookie drafts just like he fell behind Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa in the NFL draft, and in one case, I traded up into the second round of a rookie draft to select Herbert. Two years later, he's my third-ranked dynasty quarterback behind only Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. I'm thrilled with my 33% shares of Herbert. One of the reasons I drafted Herbert in many rookie drafts is that before his senior season, he was the consensus top quarterback in his class and all the experts predicted him to be the first quarterback drafted. However, his final season at Oregon was not his best, and Burrow and Tua had fantastic seasons resulting him Herbert falling behind them in the NFL draft and rookie drafts. When a player is thought to be the best devy prospect one year and falls in the rankings the following year, I like to lean on the fact that they were once a top devy quarterback instead. It does not always work out, but it did for me when I drafted Herbert.

Daniel Jones - 3

  • I added all three of my Daniel Jones shares via trade and the waiver wire. In two of my one-quarterback leagues, I picked him on waivers at the end of last season. One of those two leagues is transitioning to superflex next season, too. In a bold move, I traded away my 2023 first-round pick for Jones in a superflex league where my other two starting quarterbacks are Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins. I may live to regret that if Jones does not have a breakout year under the Giants' new head coach, Brian Daboll, and earn a new contract with the team. I'm in the minority here, but I think he'll do just that. They've surrounded him with weapons through the draft and free agency the last two years, and I can't believe that Saquon Barkley will miss another season due to injuries. 2022 is the year for Jones, the Giants, and his dynasty managers!

Matt Ryan - 3

  • All three of my Ryan shares have come during start-up drafts, two from one-quarterback drafts more than five years ago, and one from a dispersal auction draft in a super flex league this year. For years, Ryan was a reliable yet under-the-radar, top-12 fantasy producer in Atlanta while paired with Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and even later in his career with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. He's become far less productive in recent seasons, and his dynasty value hit an all-time low last season before getting traded to Indianapolis. If he has a resurgence in Indianapolis, I'll look to sell him off my teams in one-quarterback leagues, but there's not a significant market for him even if he shows signs of new life. I am pleased that I bought him for $100 (10% of my budget in a superflex dispersal auction), where he was the cheapest starting quarterback drafted. Even at his age, I think he can become a reliable QB-2 in superflex leagues and help my team.

Miles Sanders - 4

  • Sadly, Sanders is my most rostered running back. Sanders was my second-ranked rookie in the 2019 class, higher than any analysts or managers had him, so I was able to draft Sanders in two rookie drafts and one 2019 start-up draft. I also traded Terry McLaurin for him last season in a league where I was weak at running back but loaded at wide receiver. Still, that's a regrettable decision. I still believe in Sanders' talent, but he's been limited by his coaches' offensive philosophies and the last two years by the legs of Jalen Hurts. He's still the best all-around running back on the team and can't play worse than he did last season when he did not score a single touchdown. I've been unable to sell Sanders because his dynasty value is too low. In two of my leagues with Sanders, I have rebuilt my running back room, and he on longer needs to start for my team, but in the other two, he has to start for my teams. If there is any resurgence this season that causes his dynasty value to rise, I hope to find a buyer and not have to write about him on this list next year.

Nyheim Hines - 3

  • For some reason, I ended up with Nyheim Hines on three of my rosters. I'm not positive, but I believe I picked him up off the waiver wire in two of them. I picked him up in each as a handcuff to Marlon Mack before the Colts drafted Jonathan Taylor. I know I inherited him in my most recent orphan team. I'm pleased to have Hines on my rosters in all three cases. Two leagues are half PPR, and one is full PPR. He's a suitable player to put in the final flex position most weeks due to his involvement in the Colts' passing game, and if OTA reports are accurate, he'll be even more involved with Matt Ryan leading the team this season.

Mark Ingram - 3

  • As old as he is, I still have three shares of Ingram, who may be the Saints starter for the first few weeks of the season if Alvin Kamara is suspended. In one league, I added Ingram off the waiver wire last year. I just picked him up off the waiver wire in a league where I just inherited an orphan team. I traded Boston Scott for Ingram at the end of last season on a team with Alvin Kamara on my roster. Ingram is still a startable running back when Kamara is suspended or injured. I've kept him on my team because of that fact and added him to a team a few weeks ago after hearing that Kamara's suspension looks more certain. He's old and can't do much to improve his dynasty value even if he starts well, so I imagine he'll stay on my teams until his career ends, or at least until his time in New Orleans ends after this season.

Zach Ertz - 4

  • Last week I wrote about how I traded for Ertz twice this off-season, trading away Melvin Gordon for him in one league and Albert Okwuegbuman in another. I paid $80 out of a $1000 budget for Ertz in a dispersal auction this off-season. My fourth share of Ertz is on my oldest dynasty team, so I cannot remember how I acquired him in that league. I won't rehash my article from last week, but I believe Ertz will receive 6-10 targets a week for Arizona and finish among the top twelve tight ends for at least two more years before Trey McBride becomes the Cardinals leading tight end. He's going to be in many of my starting lineups over the next two seasons, even at the flex position on teams where I have another startable tight end.

Logan Thomas - 4

  • I'm not too proud to say that Thomas is among my most rostered players, but he's a back-of-the-roster player that I've not been willing to drop, even after his injuries last season. He's still a starting tight end in the league and should be rostered. Last year, in a free agent auction, I signed him to a two-year deal in a salary cap league. I picked him up off waivers in two leagues and traded Mecole Hardman to acquire him in another league. Thomas averaged five targets and nine fantasy points per game last year and scored in three of the five games he played. I believe he can bounce back next year. He's under contract through 2024 and has no competition behind him since Ricky Seals-Jones signed with the Giants. He'll take some time to recover from his ACL injury and build rapport with Carson Wentz, but I believe he can and will do it. He's not a player I'm considering cutting come the roster cut date.

Mo Alie-Cox - 4

  • All of my Alie-Cox shares were added after this year's rookie drafts. In all four of these leagues, our rosters balloon up by five or more players, and we have a cut date immediately after the final preseason games are played. Matt Ryan has always involved his tight ends, as has coach Reich. Jack Doyle retired, leaving Alie-Cox as the most experienced tight end on the team. The Colts drafted Kylen Granson in the fourth round in 2021 and Jelani Woods in the third round in 2022, and either very well could become the future starting tight end on the team. Still, I highly doubt it for this season, as tight ends historically take time to make an impact on their teams. I want to see how the tight-end splits look during the preseason games before deciding to keep or cut Alie-Cox. Strangely, as a back-of-the-roster guy, he's currently one of my most rostered players.

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