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I’d love to interact with you personally.  If you have a trade offer to consider, an add/drop decision, or just need some overall advice on building your dynasty team, contact me anytime.  You can do so in one of two ways.

1) Post your question here so other Dynasty Freeks can add their advice in addition to mine, and so we can have evidence if I gave good or bad advice!

2) If you’d prefer your question not be public, you can email me personally.


Yes, I would take Mayfield, Freeman, and Moncrief for Fournette. I believe Freeman is going to get way more work in Denver this year. Moncrief is a flyer but could be awesome if he wins the #2 job in Pittsburg. Baker is already a top 10 QB asset.

Fournette is solid, but he is hurt often and gets in the doghouse with coaches.

I like 3 for 1, provided you have fringe guys you're willing to drop.

Justin ChristopherWed Jun 19th 2019

Would you trade fournette for baker mayfield, moncrief, and Royce freeman?

No nameWed Jun 19th 2019

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