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Tue Jan 29th 2019

Top 10 Free Agent Prospects

What to do with these top free agents

One of the best and worst parts of dynasty leagues is the joy and anguish of free agency. Your players either move to teams where they have a chance to start or move to teams where they get buried on the depth chart. It's a real guessing game for sure.  NFL teams are weighing their needs and the possible players available in the draft. Their moves in free agency affect everything in dynasty leagues.  It's a guessing game for sure, but here are my best-guesses on my top ten free agents and where I hope/suspect they will land.

  1. Kareem Hunt: He’s the best young player on this list by far.  I believe he’ll get another chance next year after a 6-8 game suspension.  I’d love to see him land in Philadelphia or Tampa Bay.  Philly has done something similar with Michael Vick in the past and Tampa Bay has a new coach in Arians and a fan base that just wants to win.  I’m willing to trade for him during the waiting period.  I’d trade any first round pick for him.
  2. Le’Veon Bell: I worry about him getting older, missing a year of play, and what that shows about his love of football.  His proven track record make him an auto-fill in this #2 slot.  I would love to see him land in Oakland or with the NY Jets.  He’d be a welcomed star in both markets that need something to generate hope. Honestly, I am less willing to trade for him during the waiting period.
  3. Jay Ajayi: He’s still very young at 25, though he is oft-injured.  I have not given up on him though.  Since most people have given up on him, he’s the perfect guy I’d try to trade for during this waiting period.  I’d trade a second round pick for him or a middle of the pack WR.  I’d love to see him land with Baltimore, Buffalo, or Atlanta.  Baltimore and Buffalo he could win the job outright.  He’d be a great duel backfield with Freeman in Atlanta, who is as injury prone as Ajayi.
  4. Golden Tate: I still believe in him.  He’s proven that he can switch teams and be a star, which is more difficult for WRs than it is with RBs.  I would not make aggressive trades for him, but I would throw out some low-ball offers to see if owners have soured on him.  I don’t think I’d give up any more than a 3rd round pick for him at this point given his age (30), but I’d be willing to trade a young WR for him if it was a guy I was less high on than another owner.   I’d love to see him land in Dallas, Indianapolis, or New England.
  5. Mark Ingram: I believe Ingram has a couple good years left.  His split-time the last few years with New Orleans has helped his longevity for sure.  I would love to see him land in Baltimore or Houston where I believe he could become a starter and a top 24 RB for the next 2-3 years.
  6. Tevin Coleman: I’m just not as high on him as most.  I never have been.  Still, he is one of the more gifted guys available.  I think his role is limited to a shared-role back so he has to go to a split backfield.  I would like to see him land New Orleans or Baltimore – both know how to use two backs.  Because I see him as a constant split-backfield guy, I would not try to trade for him.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater: This is pretty speculative, but several teams need a QB and this year’s rookie class is pretty weak.  I think Bridgewater will get at least one year to start for another team before next year’s draft.  He may be on your waiver wire, in which case I would pick him up (as I have in several leagues).  I would love to see him land in Jacksonville where he would be a starter or Miami or Cincinnati where he could become the starter.
  8. Tyrell Williams: He’s never been a #1 WR with Keenan Allen there, but I believe he has the skills to do so.  He fought off Mike Williams for two years already.  He’d still likely be picked up to be a solid #2 for a team.  I’d love to see him picked up by Miami or Buffalo (to become a #1), or Dallas or Indianapolis (to become a #2).
  9. John Brown: I sure hope he gets out of Baltimore with their run-first offense.  He was playing fantastic with Flacco in there, but everything changed when they moved to Jackson.  I would love to see him moved to Tampa Bay (Arians former coach), Pittsburg (if Brown is traded), or Indianapolis (Andrew Luck).  He’s a bit older (28), but I’d trade a 3rd round pick for him.
  10. Jared Cook: I really want him to stay in Oakland and suspect he will.  He had his best year ever, finishing as the #5 TE.  If he’s the TE #2 on a team in your leagues (which is very possible), I’d be willing to trade a 2nd round pick this year for him.

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