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Sun Mar 24th 2019

Free Agency Risers and Fallers

Free Agency Stock Report

The last few weeks of free agency have been exciting. It's one of the best parts of the year for dynasty owners. Players' values change quite a bit during free agency, especially this year since there were several trades during free agency. It's exciting when one of our players lands in a good situation and brutal when they don't. Here a few thoughts about the players who have changed the most in my rankings after the first two weeks of free agency. Hopefully, your players land in my "stock rising" column rather than the "stock falling" column.

Stock Rising After Free Agency

Nick Foles (Jacksonville)

I’m not a huge Foles fan, but he’s a starter now so he had to move up in the rankings.  I only moved him up to #27.  I believe they will remain a run-first team, and Westbrook is their only pass catcher that I like.

Joe Flacco (Denver)

I like Flacco’s weapons better than Foles’s, but his age won’t allow me to move him up very much.  He won’t have time to develop any long-term chemistry with their young weapons though.  I bet Denver drafts a QB this year too.  That said, I moved him up to QB #28 since he’s a starter again.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami)

He’s back!  He’ll certainly make things entertaining in Miami, and he may even a better year this year than Flacco and Foles.  But since we all know he is just a stop gap player for this year, I could not move him higher than #30 in my rankings.

Carlos Hyde (Kansas City)

I’ve always liked Hyde.  I feel like he is always underrated by the dynasty community, which is likely why I have him on so many of my rosters.  He’s not thought of highly by NFL coaches and GMs either because he sure has bounced around from team to team.  He’s played well for many of the teams though, and this time he landed in a perfect spot.  Kansas City will know how to use him, and he’ll have a chance to play a lot in a thin backfield.  Kansas City needs to draft almost all defensive players, so I doubt they’ll draft RBs to compete with Hyde and Williams.  I moved him up to my RB #37.

Latavius Murray (New Orleans)

I’ve always loved Murray too.  He landed in a wonderful spot and signed a four-year contract.  That speaks to what the Saints think of him and how they plan to use him. He’ll be the new Mark Ingram there in New Orleans.  He’ll split time with Kamara and get a lot of goal-line runs, which is where he excels.   He’s now my RB #36.

Peyton Barber (Tampa Bay)

This one went relatively unnoticed, but Barber is going to get one more year at Tampa Bay.  Arians has already said how much he likes Barber.  I would not be surprised at all if Barber starts the season as the lead back.  I believe Tampa Bay will draft an RB to compete with Ronald Jones and Barber, but I still moved him up to my RB #48, 3 spots behind the younger Jones.

Mike Davis (Chicago)

The Bears and coach Nagy have plans for Davis.  They would not have signed him so quickly if they did not.  The Bears have a creative offense.  I think Nagy wanted a more versatile weapon to pair with Tarik Cohen so both players can do some of the same things (unlike Jordan Howard).  I only moved him up to RB #49, but Howard is traded, he’d move up to the top 30 for sure.

Odell Beckham Jr. (Cleveland)

OBJ never dropped far in my rankings because he’s just too good, but he had fallen a little given his injury concerns and poor QB play in New York.  Injury concerns still stand, but the QB play could not have gotten better.  He’ll have an adjustment to a new QB and offense, but it won’t take long for him to be himself again.  I moved him back up to my WR #3.

Donte Moncrief (Pittsburg)

There are a ton of targets to fill in Pittsburg.  Juju and Vance McDonald will get a bump up for sure.  I suspect Jaylen Samuel will be used more in the passing game too.  Still, there is a lot to go around.  I believe they added Moncrief so that he and Washington could primarily play outside and thus keep Juju primarily in the slot.  If that’s the case, Moncrief’s value has to rise.  He all the way back up to #54 while the younger James Washington is #38.

Devin Funchess (Indianapolis)

Two words: Andrew Luck.  He makes everyone better.  Two more words:  Chris Ballard.  The Colt’s GM knows what he is doing.  I never liked Funchess, but I do like Luck and Ballard, so I am trusting them.  I moved Funchess up to my WR #55.

Jared Cook (New Orleans)

This is perfect, right?  I had Cooks ranked high already, hoping he’d stay in Oakland.  This is even better.  That said, I kept him about where I already had him at TE #8.  New Orleans had had awesome TE years with Jimmy Graham and Ben Watson 1.0, but they’ve also had some pretty ineffective free agency attempt in Colby Fleener and Ben Watson 2.0.  Cook is a much better player than those guys though, so I am hopeful.

C.J. Uzomah (Cincinnati)

Cincinnati had three free-agent TEs of their own.  They ended up singing two but only one to a long-term contract.  Their money reveals their plans.   He played well in his healthy games last year, so they must have seen enough to believe in him.  Uzomah will be their TE #1, so he has to move up in my ranks.  I moved him up to my TE #20.

Stock Falling After Free Agency

Teddy Bridgewater (New Orleans)

I had him ranked a lot higher than most analysts because I was sure he’d sign with a team where he’d have the chance to be the starter.  He can’t do that behind Brees.  He’s still my second highest ranked backup QB.  I’d hold in in 2-QB leagues, but in 1-QB leagues, I’d drop him unless I had Brees.  Even then he may be droppable.

Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee)

Speaking of backups, Tannehill is my highest ranked backup QB because he may not be a backup for long.  I believe this was a move made by an organization that wonders if Mariota is really the long-term answer in Tennessee.  Definitely hold him in 2-QB leagues.  If I only had 2 QBs on my roster in a 1-QB league, I’d be happy to pick him up and hold him for awhile into next season to see if Mariota loses the job.

Matt Breida, Jerrick McKinnon, and Tevin Coleman (San Francisco)

This was the most maddening move in free agency!  I have always been higher on Breida and lower on McKinnon than almost anyone.  I still like Breida the best of the three but had to move everyone down in this overcrowded backfield.  I have Breida #28, Coleman, #29, and McKinnon #38.  There are rumors of Breida or McKinnon being traded.  I sure hope that happens.

Antonio Brown (Oakland)

He’s finally moved out of my top 10.  I moved him down to WR #15.  I traded him twice this offseason and am happy about it.  I don’t trust Carr to get him the ball like Big Ben could.  He is a hard worker, but his attitude and age are too concerning for me. I believe he’ll try to prove a lot, but Carr’s not the one to help him do it.  His value has to fall.  It remains to be seen if he will fall even further as younger WRs pass him by.

Antonio Callaway (Cleveland)

He looked to become a solid #2 WR in Cleveland, but the OBJ trade has crushed that possibility.  I’d still roster him because OBJ is hurt so often and a WR 3 in an up and coming offense is worth holding.  That said, I did move him down to my WR #62

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