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Tue Mar 5th 2019

Post-Combine Rankings Changes

How rankings have changed after the combine

What a fun weekend!  The NFL Combine is such a blast.  I love being able to watch all of the players back to back to back.  It really gives you a chance to see how they compare to each other from a purely physical standpoint and from skills and fluidity standpoint.  I watched all of the Combine and have listened to a ton of expert reviews.  Here is how the initial Combine results have affected my rankings. 

I don't believe we should let the Combine radically affect our rankings.  Film and college productivity is way more important than this skills-contest.  For me, the Combine mostly allows me to sift players that I had in the same range and move them ahead or behind others in the same tiers.  So for the most part players only moved up and down in their tier rankings.  However, these are the 10 exceptions that jumped or dropped tiers based on their Combine performances.

Risers After The Combine

  1. Justice Hill (up 20 spots): I moved him from 39 to 19.  Hill shined in the explosive tests like the broad jump and vertical jump and he had the fastest 40-yard dash before coming up a little lame and ending his day.  I listened to an interview he had on the Stick to Football Podcast and it made me more confident in him as a competitor.  He competed this weekend and was a definite winner.  He is still under 200 pounds so that gives me some concern, but I liked seeing him compared to others this weekend.

  2. Trayveon Williams (up 22 spots): I moved him from 34 to 22. A lot of his rise for me this week was based on a number of podcasts I listen to every week.  More experienced scouts were higher on him than I have been so I had to move him up.  He was unexpectedly above the 200-pound mark (206), which also earned him some points.  He looked pretty fluid in the drills, but still in the middle of the pack.  I had to move him up a bit.

  3. Myles Gaskin (up 12 spots): I moved him from 35 to 23.  Leading up to the Combine I felt like I needed to move him up based solely on his college production.  He also hit to 200 plus mark (205) and looked the part at the combine.  He was the middle of the pack on all of the tests, but I like that he did them all and showed a balanced level of skill metrically.  It checks a box for his production level.

  4. Parris Campbell (up 13 spots): I moved him from 38 to 25.  I still wonder if he is going to be a boom-bust somewhere between and Percy Harvin or a Tavon Austin, but I have to admit seeing him outside of his pads changed my mind a bit.  He also destroyed the Combine in the exercised he chose to perform.  This will raise his draft stock which necessitates a rise in his fantasty value even if I think he's a boom/bust prospect.

  5. Miles Boykin (up 19 spots): I moved him from 47 to 28.  He dominated the Combine in how he measured and how he looked in drills.  His 6.77 in the three-cone is amazing and that's the most important measurement in my opinion for WRs.  He was a 4th or 5th round pick in rookie drafts for me before the Combine but now he's a firm round-three guy because NFL teams will draft him in the third or fourth round now.

  6. Alex Barnes (up 29 spots): I moved him from 69 to 40.  As any good dynasty owner would do, I listen religiously to the Under The Helmet podcast.  Chad and Jordan were super high on Barnes leading up to the Combine.  I watched film, but didn't see it.  Friday at the Combine I sure did.  He was a fluid and smooth as any guy out there and much bigger!  He dominated the metrics evaluations and looked every bit the part in the drills.  If he lands with a team that is smart and has plans to use this big guy, he will go up even further in my rankings.  He looked amazing this weekend.

  7. Mecole Hardman (up 10 spots): I moved him from 52 to 42.  Everyone suspected he'd be a metric marvel, and he was.  His 4.33 40 yard dash means his NFL draft stock will rise.  So must his dynasty stock.  I still have some doubts, but I had to make him a top 50, draft in every rookie draft, kind of player.

Fallers After The Combine

  1. Elijah Holyfield (down 19 spots): I moved him from 7 to 26.  This one was tough for me, but I had to do it.  I love the fight (no pun on the boxing dad) on this guy.  That's his strength from everything I hear from podcasters and from what I see on tape.  He's a punch you in the mouth kind of guy.  That's why I had him ranked way higher than other experts. There is value in that, and maybe it is enough to overcome a bad Combine, but I had to move him back to a "take a stab in the third round" kind of guy.

  2. Lil' Jordan Humphrey (down 20 spots): I moved him from 29 to 49. This pains me as a Longhorn fan.  I wish he would have come back for his senior year and believe he needed it.  There is a chance he'll go undrafted in the NFL this year, let alone our rookie drafts, which is a pity.  The WR class is just too deep and other guys appear to have higher ceilings at the place where you'd consider drafting him.

  3. Isaac Nauta (down 23 spots): I moved him from 31 to 54.  I had him ranked as my #4 TE overall behind Fant, Hockenson, and Smith.  He had a really bad combine.  I am willing to trust the film compared to other TEs, but  Caleb Wilson's Combine performance put him quite a bit ahead of Nauta.  Other RBs and WRs also moved ahead of this prospect by quite a bit, unfortunately.

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