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Sun May 19th 2019

Grading My 2019 Rookie Draft

My RB-needy team's rookie draft

I had several rookie drafts over the last week. I thought I would report on each of the drafts in the coming weeks, just to give an overview of what I was thinking during the drafts and how I was trying to improve my team. Overall, I try to stick to my rookie draft board, but each draft is different because my team has different needs and the tendencies and skills of owners dictate a lot too.

Here is the background and basics of the "Good Times" league which we started in 2014. It's a 10-team league with standard scoring, rostering 30 players per team with no IR spots. We start 10 players - QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex, TE, K, DST.  The champ, Chupa Cobras, has won the last 4 years in a row!  It's the most championships in a row in any league I have ever been a part of.

In this league I have always been competitive, making the playoffs every year except the first year in 2014, but I have never been to the Super Bowl.  You'll see that I have an incredible WR core, but my weakness is at RB.  I came in 6th place last year, meaning I got to the playoffs but lost in round one and thus had the dreaded 5th pick in this year's draft.

Here is was my roster at skilled positions before the draft.

  • QB: Jared Goff, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, Josh Rosen
  • RB: Damien Williams, Matt Breida, Royce Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Corey Clement, Spencer Ware, Justin Jackson
  • WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Juju Smith-Schuster, Golden Tate, Marquise Lee, Trey Quinn, Josh Reynolds, Demarcus Robinson, Phillip Dorsett
  • TE: Jared Cook, Trey Burton, Ian Thomas

Plans Going Into The Draft

I had two first round picks.  I mistakenly traded George Kittle to last year's last-place team early in the season for a 2019 1st round pick.  I figured it would be a top 3 pick, but his team made it to the super bowl and lost so I ended up with the #9 pick for Kittle, which was a mistake.  I figured it would get me two shots at RBs that I needed, but with pick #5 and #9, I expected to not get any of the top three RBs I wanted.

My first goal was to punt this draft until next year by trading my 1st round picks for 2020 first round picks, but I knew this was a little less active league that tends to avoid risks.  As a result, I could not trade my picks.  I then tried to deal my two first round picks for pick #1 or #2 so that I could assure myself of getting one of my top 3 RBs.  Again, no takers.  So I had to stay put and hope one of those RBs would fall to me at #5.

I also wanted to trade a QB and Golden Tate if I could.  Holding 4 QBs was hurting my chances at rostering one more RB that I could roster for depth.  I saw Tate as an asset whose value was only going to go down for the rest of his career, so I wanted to move him to pick up someone in this year's draft.  You'll see, I was able to do both.

My main objective was to get younger in this draft.  I have two top-10 QBs in Wilson and Goff.  I have 3 of the top 5 WRs period in Hopkins, Thomas, and Smith Schuster.  No one can knock these guys out of my starting line ups in the years to come, so I felt like I wanted to get as many rookies as possible to let them sit and develop behind these stars.  Obviously, RB is my primary need.  I knew I could not fill the need in this draft but hoped to draft well and turn some players into 2020 first round picks during the 2019 season.

"Good Times" 2019 Rookie Draft

Round #1

1. Kaiser - N'Keal Harry

2. Night Sweats - Josh Jacobs

3. Jokerbills - David Montgomery

4. 36ers - DK Metcalf

5. Dog Drool - Miles Sanders

  • It happened.  I could not believe I got the guy that I would have taken at pick #2.  Sanders was my overall #2 player and he fell to me at #5 - at the position I most needed.  I was thrilled!  I don't believe he will help my team a lot this year, especially at the start of the year, but he will become an every week starter for me next year.  I believe Sanders will be good enough to break Doug Pederson out of his running-back-by-committee tendencies.

6. Ratones - Kyler Murray

7. Bobcats - AJ Brown

8. Jokerbills (via Yuck Monkeys) - Parris Campbell

9. Dog Drool (via Frivolous Profundity) - Deebo Samuel

  • Again, I would much rather have Kittle who I traded for to get this #9 pick which I thought would be a #1-3 pick.  I have to admit my mistakes too, right?  That said, I was happy to get Deebo here at #9 since he was my #6 ranked player.  I believe he will start right away in San Francisco.  If he shines early, I'd really try to move him to a WR-needy team for a 2020 1st round pick.  Maybe Kittle can turn into a starting RB for me next year.  If not, Deebo could be a flex player for me behind my three starting WRs.

10. Chupa Cobras - Mecole Hardman

Rounds #2

1. Kaiser - Marquise Brown

2. Night Sweats - TJ Hockenson

3. Jokerbills - Noah Fant

4. 36ers - Hakeem Butler

5. Dog Drool - Damien Harris

  • Again, I was amazed.  Harris has been the most polarizing player in this rookie draft season, but I have him ranked higher than anyone else in the industry that I have seen.  I have him as my #8 player overall.  The guys at Under The Helmet (UTH) are the only analysts who are close to that and they have him ranked #11.  So for me, this was a steal.  Others may call it a reach, but when your team is in as much need as me at RB it makes sense to grab him hear even if you don't believe in him as much as I do.  I believe he is already a better between the tackle runner than Sony Michel.  He'll always split time in a New England backfield for sure because that's just what New England does, but I like his chances down the road to be an every week starter for me.  New England zigs when everyone else zags.  I think they are building this old-Tom-Brady team around the run game.

6. Ratones - Darrell Henderson

7. Bobcats - Devin Singletary

8. Yuck Monkeys - Alexander Mattison

9. Jokerbills (via Frivolous Profundity) - Justice Hill

10. Dog Drool (via Chupa Cobras) - JJ Arcega Whiteside

  • I traded Golden Tate to move up here. Whiteside was my #13 player overall, and I already had him ranked ahead of Tate in my overall WR raknings.  Tate has peaked in value.  Whiteside does not need to play for me right away.  He can't behind my guys, but now he can develop while I wait.  I suspect he will start for Philadelphia after they part with Alshon Jeffery.  I already like him more than Tate.  I am sure I will a few years from now.  Even if he busts, it was worth the risk on my team since Tate's value was diminishing and he would only start for me on bye weeks.

Round #3

1. Kaiser - Kelvin Harmon

2. Night Sweats - Bryce Love

3. Frivolous Profundity (via Jokerbills) - Miles Boykin

4. 36ers - Darwin Thompson

5. Dog Drool - Andy Isabella

  • Isabella was my #19th ranked player.  I am not as high on him as others, but I felt he was the best value there.  I really wanted to get Ryquell Armstead for mt RB-needy team, but I thought he would fall to me later.  I had a little buyers remorse afterward only because I wanted as many stabs at RB as possible in this draft.  That said, he was a second round pick so he'll get his chance to start for the new Kingsbury/Murray offense in Arizona.  He feels like a real boom or bust player for me.  If he booms, I will try to sell him for a 2020 first round pick so I can get some star RBs.

6. Ratones - Diontae Johnson

7. Bobcats - Ryquell Armstead

8. Bobcats (via Yuck Monkeys) - Benny Snell

9. Dog Drool (via Frivolous Profundity, Jokerbills) - Irv Smith Jr.

  • I traded up for this pick too. I put a trade offer out for this pick right after my Isabella.  I wanted to trade up to get Armstead.  I was willing to offer picks or players.  This was the only owner willing to talk.  After Armstead went, I thought about forgetting the trade, but he needed depth at QB and I wanted to move Stafford.  I traded Stafford for this pick and my 4.5.  I picked Irv Smith because he was my #3 TE and my #22 player overall.  I need help at TE too with the aging Jared Cook as my starter.  I'm happy with the trade.

10. Chupa Cobras - Dwayne Haskins

Round #4

1. Kaiser - Jalen Hurd

2. Night Sweats - Dexter Williams

3. Jokerbills - Rodney Anderson

4. 36ers - Jace Sternberger

5. Jokerbills (via Dog Drool) - Terry McLaurin

6. Joker Bills (via Ratones) - Riley Ridley

7. Bobcats - Josh Oliver

8. Dog Drool (via Yuck Monkeys) - Qadree Ollison

  • I traded with this owner for this pick at the very beginning of last year.  I had Rod Smith and he has Ezekiel Elliot.  When it was clear that Smith was the primary back up I offered him Smith for a 2019 4th round pick.  He took me up on it.  That's something I like to do with back up RBs that I don't think could become stars if their lead RB goes down with an injury.  I really like Ollison.  He and Armstead were the guys I wanted to get late, so at least I got one of them.  I don't like Freeman and feel he is very injury prone.  Ollison could be the #2 in Atlanta if Freeman gets hurt while Ito Smith could remain the change of pace back to Freeman or Ollison.  Even with Freeman in there, Atlanta could use the much larger Ollison in goalline situations. 

9. Frivolous Profundity - Preston Williams

10. Chupa Cobras - Trayveon Williams

Round #5

1. Kaiser - Myles Gaskin

2. Night Sweats - Drew Lock

3. Jokerbills - Emanuel Hall

4. 36ers - Mike Weber

5. Dog Drool - Bruce Anderson

  • Here I was taking one more stab at an RB.  Bruce Anderson is my highest ranked UDFA.  Tampa's backfield is one of the most up for grabs in the league.  In the 5th round, he's worth a hold until we have to cut back to 30 players.  I like his chances to make the team and even be a part of the RB rotation in Tampa Bay.  I pretty much get him in all of my drafts because so few people know about him.

6. Ratones - Jordan Scarlett

7. Bobcats - Karan Higdon

8. Yuck Monkeys - Devine Ozigbo

9. Frivolous Profundity - Penny Hart

10. Chupa Cobras - Elijah Holyfield

Overall Assessment

I added Damarea Crockett and Keelan Doss on waivers since I had two open spots on my roster after the draft.  I filled my goal of taking as many RBs as possible (5) and getting younger by adding 10 rookies overall.  I added depth at WR where they will all have time to develop and hopefully turn into guys I turn for 2020 picks or even show enough promise that I'd be willing to trade one of my stud WRs for a proven stud RB.

I believe I improved my team.  I'll still be a top 5 team in this league, I believe.  If Sanders and Harris pop, I'll be doing great.  Hopefully, Damien Williams can produce as he did at the end of last year at least until Sanders and Harris earn more of a role in their offenses.

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