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Tue Jul 19th 2022

My Most Rostered Players - Part 2

One thing I like to do each year is look at which players I have the most shares of on my dynasty rosters. I want to remember how I acquired these players and evaluate my process. I like to assess whether It's wise or not to have my dynasty rosters overweight with these players or not.

I still have two rookie drafts to complete, so my rosters are not fully complete, but they're close enough for me to do this exercise. I wanted to see which players are on at least 33% of my rosters. I am in nine dynasty leagues, so players on three or more of my rostered fit that qualification.

Naturally, in most cases, these are some of the players I like the most. In some instances, they're players I don't like as much as I used to, but I've been unable to move them from my rosters in trades. I hope this list and the comments I make tell you how I feel about these players and why I have them on so many of my teams.

Last week, I wrote about my most rostered quarterbacks, running backs, and tight ends. In part two, I'll share my most rostered wide receivers here.

Brandin Cooks - 4

  • I love Brandin Cooks, which is why most of Cooks shares were acquired via trade or auction. I drafted Cooks in a start-up draft in my FFPC league, but the rest of my Cooks shares came via trade or free-agent auction. I traded a second-round rookie pick for Cooks in one league after he was traded to the Texans. In another league, I traded Antonio Brown for Cooks straight up after Brown started all of his off-field antics and landed in New England before moving on to Tampa Bay. I paid a surprisingly low $54 in a dispersal auction with a $1000 budget. Cooks is a reliable top-24 wide receiver no matter which team he's been on and no matter which quarterback is throwing him passes. He's one of the undervalued players in dynasty, and I'm pleased to have him on my rosters even if he's straddled to the Texans and Davis Mills. He signed a new contract with the Texans this offseason and will now be with the team through 2024. Of all the top-targeted players on their teams, Cooks is among the least valued, and dynasty managers are missing out.

Keenan Allen - 4

  • Allen may be the player with the most combined years on my dynasty rosters. I drafted him in the start-up drafts of two of my oldest dynasty leagues, inherited him in my first orphan team, and paid $75 for him a few months ago in a dynasty dispersal draft with a $1000 budget. He's one of my favorite players to watch since he's such a great route runner and competitor. His only knock is his consistent lack of touchdowns, but his receptions and yards are as steady as they come since he entered the league. I could not have been happier about the Chargers' handoff from Phillip Rivers to Justin Herbert, which helped the dynasty value of Allen steady, even at his age. His new contract that keeps him linked to Herbert through 2024 makes me even more confident in his dynasty value. I suspect Allen will remain on my rosters throughout his career. The only reason I would consider selling him would be on a team that required an entire rebuild.

Josh Palmer - 4

  • Palmer is among my most rostered players because I drafted him in four rookie drafts last year. I scooped him up in the third round of every draft I could and even traded up in one draft to get him. At that time, I was confident that Palmer was drafted to replace Mike Williams after the 2021 season. To my chagrin, I was proven wrong on that front since Williams had the best year of his career and was re-signed by the Chargers this offseason. Palmer's dynasty value ceiling took a big hit after that signing, but he's still a player I'm happy to have on my roster if he gets more involved as the WR-3 in Los Angeles or becomes the WR-2 if Keenan Allen or Mike Williams get injured. It's too early in his career for me to let him go, so I will keep him on my rosters even though I'm terribly disappointed with Mike Williams re-signing.

Dyami Brown - 4

  • Like Josh Palmer, Dyami Brown is a player I targeted in last year's rookie drafts and ended up with four shares of him. If I did not draft Palmer in the third round last year, I drafted Brown, and in one league, I traded up to draft Palmer and Brown in the third round. Brown's first season was far more disappointing than Palmer's, and now he's on the might-be-cut list on most of my teams after the Commanders re-signed Terry McLaurin and drafted one of my favorite rookies in this year's class, Jahan Dotson (more on him in a bit). If Curtis Samuel returns healthy, I'm afraid Brown will become very droppable. I loved his college tape and production, but his situation in Washington is terrible at this point. This year's preseason games and training camp reports will help me to decide whether to cut him or not.

Tee Higgins - 3

  • All my Higgins shares came via trade, and I could not be happier to have him in 33% of my leagues. I traded up two spots in the second round of a 2020 rookie draft to get Higgins, and all it cost me was my second and third-round pick. I traded DeAndre Hopkins for Higgins last season right before Higgins' production took off and Hopkins fell. Then I traded CeeDee Lamb for Higgins straight up at the end of last season before Amari Cooper was traded to Cleveland. I'm happy with the first two trades, but I'm definitely concerned about the third one. Higgins may be the WR-2 on his team behind Ja'Marr Chase, but he's plenty capable of being a WR-1 in fantasy on the high-powered Bengals offense. 

Amon-Ra St. Brown - 3

  • I had St. Brown ranked much higher than most analysts and dynasty managers last year, so I was able to select him in two of my rookie drafts, and this offseason, I made a trade to acquire my third share of St. Brown. It took him some time to get going last year, but once he did, he performed just like the reliable possession receiver I expected him to become. His excellent play at the end of the season led many dynasty managers to Super Bowl championships. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me, but I could not be happier to have drafted him in two rookie drafts and traded for him this offseason. I traded for him in a salary cap league, so trades in those leagues have more factors to consider, but I gave up a very cheap Nyheim Hines contract through 2024 to the Jonathan Taylor manager to get St. Brown on a cheap rookie contract through 2024. My co-manager and I were thrilled to make that trade in this PPR league, even though in this league, we may not be able to keep him beyond 2024. We're a top-tier team in that league, so we'll gladly take his contributions, even if just for two years.

Robby Anderson - 3

  • Anderson was a player I was once happy to have highly rostered, but after his poor season last year, I wish I had fewer shares of him. I drafted him in two start-up drafts years ago when he was with the Jets and acquired him in free agency in one shallower salary-cap league. Unfortunately, in that league, my co-manager I extended his contract after his first great season in Carolina, and now he's under contract for us until 2024. His dreadful 2021 season, poor quarterback play, and talk of retirement this season sunk his dynasty value to its lowest point, but the Panthers' signing of Baker Mayfield gives him a small ray of hope. Terrace Marshall could not establish himself as a starter last season, so Anderson should be the second targeted wide receiver again this year, but far behind D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey. I regret having Anderson on 33% of my teams, but there's not been an opportunity to sell him for any value. Hopefully, Mayfield can put Anderson back on the map as a tradable player.

Robert Woods - 3

  • Woods has been one of my favorite players since he joined the Rams. I drafted him in one start-up draft four years ago, inherited him on an orphan team, and bought him in a dispersal auction draft this offseason for only $12 with a $1000 budget. His dynasty value is the lowest it's been since moving from the Bills to the Rams, and now he's with his third team in Tennessee. His ACL injury was early enough in the 2021 season to allow him to start this season for the Titans, and Treylon Burlks' difficulties in OTAs make it very likely that Woods will be Ryan Tannehill's top target to start the season. Burks is the future for the Titans and will be fed the ball given his draft capital, but Woods can end his career well in Tennessee and be a contributor to my teams. At his age and on his new team, he's not a tradable player, but he's one that I'm happy to keep on my rosters until he's unstartable. I think he'll be a flex-worthy player on my three teams for the next two years, and I'm still glad to have him on my rosters.

Jarvis Landry - 3

  • I drafted Landry in two start-up drafts five or six years ago when he was with the Dolphins, and I traded for him in another league that changed platforms, so I cannot see or remember what I included in the trade to get him. Like Woods, Landry is one of my favorite solid floor players in PPR leagues. He's been a reliable starter on my teams with Miami and Cleveland, and I believe he will be in New Orleans, too, though it's the first time he'll be the WR-3 on his team instead of the WR-2. Landry's too competitive and savvy not to get the ball in New Orleans even though the wide receiver room is crowded with Michael Thomas returning and the new addition of Chris Olave. He only signed a one-year contract, so his future and dynasty value are very uncertain. Like Robert Woods, his age and contract make him a hard-to-trade player, so he'll likely remain on my rosters this season. However, if Thomas's injury lingers, Landry's value will rise again this season, and I'll look to sell him.

Chris Olave - 3

  • Thankfully, if Landry's value falls this season, it will be because of Olave's rise in value. I drafted Olave in three rookie drafts this season and suspect I will pick him up on another one where I am sitting at pick #5. He reportedly tore it up during OTAs while Michael Thomas continued his rehab off the field. His production at Ohio State among some of the best wide receivers in the country makes him an excellent NFL prospect. I had him behind Treylon Burks, Drake London, and Garrett Wilson in my rookie rankings in May and June, but I may change my rankings for the two rookie drafts yet to take place, especially if Thomas's injury lingers and he gets more buzz during training camp. I'm thrilled to have him on my teams, even though I've yet to see him play in the NFL.

Jahan Dotson - 3

  • Dotson is my seventh-ranked rookie, right behind Chris Olave, which is significantly higher than most analysts and managers have him ranked. As a result, I've drafted him three times so far in one-quarterback leagues at 1.10, 1.12, and 2.4. Like Olave, Dotson got a lot of positive buzz during OTAs. He's going to be the perfect complement to Terry McLaurin. His college production and character make me very confident that he'll produce fantasy points in the NFL. In my final rookie draft, which takes place over Labor Day weekend, I have picks 1.9, 1.11, and 1.12. Before training camp and preseason games, I would have been sure that Dotson would fall to me at those spots, but now I'm afraid his hype will build, and he might not fall to me after all. That would really disappoint me!

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