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Tue Jun 14th 2022

10 Players I'm Trying To Trade For

Rookie draft season is over, and we're headed into the NFL dead-zone after mandatory minicamps end. Unfortunately, for several weeks, we won't have injuries, camp reports, or breaking news. To keep my leagues active, during the NFL dead-zone, I like to readjust my dynasty rankings and make trade offers for players I realize I'm higher on than I once thought. It's an excellent time for dynasty trading if you're in leagues with Dynasty Freeks. I am, and here are ten players I'm targeting most in trades over the next few weeks.

Daniel Jones

  • I don't believe Biran Daboll will make Daniel Jones into the next Josh Allen, but I think he will have a fantastic season and prove to be the Giants' quarterback of the future. Jones has looked great and terrible in flashes, but he's never had the coaching staff or healthy weapons to become his best. Now he does, and I am confident he will be a startable quarterback in superflex leagues this season and future seasons after the Giants sign him to a second contract sometime this year. I'm in the minority in this opinion, which is why Jones is a great player to target in trades right now. I plan to make quarterback-swap offers in one-quarterback leagues to see if any managers prefer one of my bench quarterbacks or an older quarterback for Jones. In a superflex league where I have a top-four roster with only Kirk Cousins and Jared Goff as my starters and no starting quarterback on my roster, I traded away a 2023 first-round pick for Jones. So I am putting my money where my mouth is on Jones!

Devin Singletary

  • After the Bills drafted James Cook, dynasty managers immediately forgot about the fantasy tear Singletary had to end the season. I want to capitalize on their forgetfulness. The Bills tried to sign J.D. Mikissic in free agency, but he took Washington's offer instead. McKissic is not fit for a primary role but is an excellent passing-down back. The Bills missed out on him, so they drafted James Cook, who they believe can fill the role they wanted McKissic to fill. Cook may be involved in the passing game, but Singletary will get the bulk of the touches this season, even if not in the passing game. His probable lack of involvement in the passing game limits his upside, but dynasty managers knocked him too much for this fact, making his purchase price drop too far. I've yet to do so, but I plan to hit up managers rostering Singletary to see how they value him after Cook was drafted and see if I can find a trade with one who values him too low currently.

Darrel Williams

  • I was excited to see Williams sign with the Cardinals. His signing immediately dropped Eno Benjamin and Keaontay Ingram's dynasty value, which many managers held onto and drafted in rookie drafts hoping to have the handcuff to James Conner. Though Williams is not a superstar, he's proven he can produce for NFL and dynasty teams. Last year he was a startable player when Clyde Edwards-Helaire was injured. I believe he can do so again if Conner is injured this season. I'd love to offer a backup running back on my team for a Williams or check rosters to offer a running back handcuff to a team in exchange for Williams. Or I'd love to add him to a trade to get a deal done. I recently traded D.J. Moore and Darrell Henderson for Tyreek Hill and Darrel Williams. I plan to make more offers for Williams in the next few weeks because I think he'll be more productive than Chase Edmonds was for the Cardinals over the last few years.

D'Onta Foreman

  • Foreman is among the few running backs returning from Achilles surgery, along with Cam Akers and Marlon Mack. Among the three of them, Foreman looked the best last year. Granted, he had more time to recover than them. Chuba Hubbard was not efficient when he filled in for Christian McCaffrey last season, and the Panthers added Foreman to their roster in free agency. Hence, I believe Foreman is the new handcuff to McCaffrey. If you're in a league with Dynasty Freeks, they likely realize this too, but f not, Foreman can be acquired for an even cheaper price. Unlike Darrel Williams, who I believe will be a significant part of the offense even if James Conner is healthy, Foreman will need an injury to become fantasy relevant. Still, the last two seasons have proven that's very possible in Carolina.

Courtland Sutton

  • I'm more intrigued than ever after not being a fan of Sutton in his rookie year. Russell Wilson's landing in Denver makes the biggest difference. The recent minicamp reports of his rapport with Wilson intrigued me even more. Jerry Jeudy's lack of production in his first two years and his current legal trouble increase my confidence in Sutton. I increasingly believe he's the WR-1 in Denver from now on. I offered Darnell Mooney for Sutton in one league where I know the manager loves Mooney, but he would not bite. I offered Deebo Samuel for Sutton and two 2023 firsts just to test the water on a manager who has already made offers for Deebo, an aggressive offer just to test the waters. I'll continue to make trade offers for Sutton in the coming weeks because I'm convinced he'll be Wilson's top target next year

Bryan Edwards

  • Edwards was one of my top second-round prospects in my rookie rankings in the 2020 class, but I only drafted him in one league. He's been on the border of droppable players on my team, but my hope is restored after his trade to Atlanta. He has every chance to become the WR-2 being Drake London, both of whom had similar skill sets and win with length and contested catches. I think with Kyle Pitts, the Falcons are trying to build a team with height and contested-catch ability. Edwards fits the part, and I have a small hope that he can meet my lofty expectations from two years ago on a new team. I'm concerned about his quarterback play and draft capital compared to London and Pitts, but he's a player I'm willing to buy for a middle-round rookie pick in the 2022 draft or a 3rd round 2023 pick. I'll make similar offers in the coming weeks.

K.J. Osborn

  • I think Osborn is one of the sneakiest players to trade for now, if not pick up off the waiver wire in thin leagues. He had several breakout games last year and is the uncontested WR-3 in Minnesota, a team with a new pass-oriented coach. I love Adam Thielen and have him on many rosters, but I believe Osborn's role will increase this season whether Thielen is injured again or not. He's a bottom-of-the-roster kind of guy, but I'd be happy to offer bottom guys on my roster for him to see if I could find a buyer, and I plan to do so during this dead-zone period

Zach Ertz

  • Ertz might be the player I'm most eager to buy at this time of year. He's an older player, and the Cardinals just drafted Trey McBride as his future replacement. Ertz's value could not be lower than it is now, which is the perfect time to buy, especially for contending teams. I'm supremely confident in his involvement in the offense to start the season, especially with DeAndre Hopkins out. I'd be happy to start Ertz as my tight end or even at flex to start the season and know he'll receive as many targets as most wide receivers. I'd happily trade a younger tight end on my bench for Ertz if he's on another manager's bench. Ertz is a flex-worthy start as a TE-2 in half-PPR leagues, let alone PPR leagues.

Evan Engram

  • Engram landed on the perfect team this offseason. Jacksonville has no tight end competition, a young quarterback who made no-name tight ends like Dan Arnold and James O'Shaugnessy fantasy relevant, and a coach in Doug Pederson whose offense has made tight ends a focus of offenses. Like I already mentioned with Daniel Jones, the Giants' offense ruined the fantasy production of their offensive players. Engram has all the talent in the world, and tight ends often perform best on a second team. I am convinced Engram's best years are ahead of him and would offer backup tight ends on my teams to get him on my team instead.

Austin Hooper

  • Hopper landed on the perfect team after not capitalizing on his fantasy stardom in Cleveland after his breakout year in Atlanta. Hopper was buried with competition in Cleveland with teammates with more significant draft capital and salary-cap implications. This is not the case in Tennessee, where he's poised to be the TE-1 on a team that has quietly made their starting tight end fantasy relevant in recent years. Hooper is a super-sneaky value that you may even be able to get off the waiver wire. I'd gladly trade him for a tight end on my roster, even a young one I was waiting to develop. Hooper could become a starting dynasty tight end this season and parlay it into a new contract with Tennessee after this season

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