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Thu May 9th 2019

Top 3rd-5th Round Players to Target

Who I am targeting in the later rounds

Last week I finalized my 2019 Rookie Draft Board and wrote about my top picks in rounds 1-2.  This week I wanted to write about my top picks in rounds 3-5.

I compared my 2019 rookie rankings with the Dynasty League Football (DLF) rookie draft board.  It was confirming to see that my rankings were quite similar to theirs, especially in the top 24.  There were, however, a number of players in the 3rd to 5th rounds with whom we differ in opinion.

If other teams in my drafts are using DLF rankings as their guide during drafts, these are the 10 players I will own a lot of in my drafts because I am significantly higher on these players than the DLF analysts are.

Darwin Thompson – RB, Kansas City (6.42)

  • I have him ranked 25th, while DLF has him ranked 44th.  He was a Matt Waldman favorite, so I always bump guys up a bit when Matt likes them.  He landed on a team whose scouts I trust and has an opportunity to win a starting position.  I doubt this would happen immediately, but he could prove to be a better RB than Williams and Hyde by midseason.  I’ll take a stab at him earlier than most.  I am a little concerned that Kansas City also brought in James Williams as a UDFA.  Thompson is a far better runner than him, but Williams is a much better receiver.

Ryquell Armstead – RB, Jacksonville (5.2)

  • I have him ranked 27th, while DLF has him ranked 35th.   He’ll be the top backup in Jacksonville behind the oft-injured Fournette.  That gives him a big bump.  The coaching staff has also soured on Fournette so Armstead, if he plays well, really could be the starter next year in Jacksonville.  He’s the ideal size and has great quickness and runs tough.  I like him a lot.

Bruce Anderson – RB, Tampa Bay (UDFA)

  • I have him ranked 31st, while DLF has him ranked 60th.  Obviously, there is a big difference in my rankings here.  I have no confidence in Ronald Jones.  Bruce Anderson is a fantastic player with incredible highlight plays.  He’s from North Dakota State University, a subdivision school so he’s not known by many, but he was by the Tampa Bay staff who apparently was quick to sign him as a UDFA.  He’s great in the passing game and as a returner on special teams.  I want to get him before others do so I’ll be taking a big reach on him.

Rodney Anderson – RB, Cincinnati (6.39)

  • I have him ranked 36th, while DLF has him unranked in their top 63.  I would only make this move on teams where I know I could hold him for at least a year.  It will take at least this long for him to challenge this crowded backfield of Mixon, Bernard, and the other rookie they drafted in Trayveon Williams.  Still, at the end of the 3rd round, I’m willing to take a chance.  Splice together his highlights and he would have likely been the first RB taken in this draft, but his constant injuries had him fall to the 6th round to a very crowded backfield.  If he gets a chance to show something by the end of the year, Cincinnati could move on from Bernard and consider moving on from Mixon a year later after his contract comes up.  This is a long play at best.

Dawson Knox – TE, Buffalo (3.33) and Foster Moreau – TE, Oakland (4.34)

  • I have Knox ranked 38th, while DLF has him ranked 48th.  I have Moreau ranked 39th, while DLF has him ranked 55th.  I’d take a chance on these guys in the 4th round.  Both teams desperately need TE help.  They’re both good in the blocking game which means they’ll get more playing time.  As with most TEs, it takes time to make a fantasy impact.  If I were weak at TE and unwilling to draft Hockenson, Fant, or Smith in the 1st or 2nd round, I would gladly settle for Knox or Moreau in the 4th.

Qadree Ollison – RB, Atlanta (5.14)

  • I have him ranked 41st, while DLF has him unranked in their top 63.  I have been super down on Devonta Freeman for some time.  I love him, but see him as injury-prone and past his prime.  Ito Smith was sufficient last year but didn’t do enough to make Atlanta confident enough not to draft a late round RB.  He did not do anything spectacular at Pitt, but he’s a big, hard runner.  He’s better than Ito Smith.

Preston Williams – WR, Miami (UDFA)

  • I have him ranked 43rd, while DLF has him unranked in their top 63.  He only went undrafted because of some off-field concerns, but this guy is a beast.  His college tape was one of my favorites to watch.  Miami has a very suspect WR corps, so he could become a starter there for sure.  I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity.  I’m willing to draft him ahead of other players that were drafted, as I will with the next two guys.

James Williams – RB, Kansas City (UDFA)

  • I have him ranked 52nd, while DLF has him unranked in their top 63.  Again, I trust Kansas City’s scouting department.  He’s a pass-catching specialist for sure, but Reid and Mahomes are just the coach and QB to take advantage of his talents.  He could have a James White (New England) kind of role in Kansas City and won’t have trouble making their roster.  As I wrote earlier, he could even surpass Darwin Thompson, who they drafted in the 6th round.

Damarea Crockett – RB, Houston (UDFA)

  • I have him ranked 59th, while DLF has him unranked in their top 63.  Crockett was on fire early in his college career but ended his career with a bit of a whimper due to injuries.  He has the early break-out years to prove his talent, and he landed in Houston where Lamar Miller keeps getting older and D’Onta Freeman has yet to prove he can come back from his Achilles tear.   Houston also signed Karan Higdon to a UDFA contract, which shows that the team recognizes their need for RB help.  I like Crockett way more than Higdon and think he could become a starter in Houston.  He’s worth a late 5th round stab for sure.

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