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Sat Jan 5th 2019

Tips on things to do during the NFL Playoffs

4 things to do this time of year

So the fantasy season has come to an end and the NFL playoffs start today.  Hopefully you ended up with a championship trophy, but we all know that all but one team in our leagues end the season on a sour note. The thing I love about dynasty leagues is that there is no end to the season.  You just move into a new type of season - the off-season.  As a dynasty owner, It's important to be active year-round.  Over the next few weeks, I will give you some tips on a few things you can do to stay active during the NFL playoffs.  These few little steps keep you engaged and give you an advantage over the teams that stop paying attention to their teams.  Be a sharp dynasty owner and make time to do the following things while you enjoy the NFL playoffs.

Look at Year-end Player Rankings

It's helpful to go through the year-end rankings on your leagues website to see where players really stacked up in your scoring system.  You'll be surprised by the players who did far better than you thought and the payers who did worse than you thought.  Be sure to look at top average scoring in addition to overall scoring so that you can better assess guys who were injured or players who did not become starter until later in the season.  This is an especially important thing to do if you're in several leagues with differing scoring systems.  PPR leagues and leagues with yardage bonuses will make the year-end player rankings vary quite a bit.  This step is also a helpful way to spot where there are significant tier breaks.  This year, for instance, there was a major tier break between the 7th and 8th RBs.   James Conner scored 20.6 1/2 PPR points per game, while Joe Mixon averages 16.7.

Assess Your Team's Needs

Honestly assess your team's strengths and weaknesses.  Determine which of your position groups are strongest and weakest.  Determine which of your position groups you are youngest and oldest.  Determine which players are on the rise and have yet to reach their ceiling and which players are on the downfall and have likely seen their best season already.  Note which of your players are free agents and which of your players may benefit by the loss of another free agent on their team.  Note which players have truly solidified their roles on their team and players being threatened by the upcoming NFL draft.  Finally, do the same for the other teams in your league so that you can make a few trade offers while guys are still paying attention.

Make Trade Offers

After determining where you're weak and strong, look for possible trade partners who are strong in a position group where you're weak and visa versa.  Offer some trades that could benefit both sides.  If you need to get younger, offer to trade your older players.  If you don't want to hold on to a guy that you know is a free agent, offer him in a trade to a team that may want to take a chance on him or may not even know he is a free agent.  If there is any player on another team that you really which you had, go all in for him if you can.  The only thing I would not recommend doing is trading draft picks. Draft picks are only going to rise in value as the rookie draft nears.  You can almost always get more for a draft pick just before your rookie draft or during your rookie draft.

Build Up Your Scout Team

Hopefully you've been building up your scout team throughout the year.  However your particular website does it, be sure to keep a "scout team" or a list of "watched players."  If you've actively been doing so throughout the year, this is the time of year to clear out guys that you have "watched" but have firmly landed on other teams.  Keep the fringe guys that you suspect may get dropped during the off-season on your scout team.  Most importantly, add new players to your scout team.  It's helpful to go back to your rookie draft board from last year to see who you were high on then but is not on a roster now.  It's helpful to scroll all the way through the available players list at each position and add all players you may like to your scout team.  Adding to and cleaning up your scout team is a perfect thing to do this time of year.



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