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Tue Dec 4th 2018

Waiver Wire Week 13

Playoff push and/or time to reload

Please note that I play in 10 and 12 team leagues with 27-30 player rosters, so between 300-324 players are already on rosters in my leagues. That said, here are some of the guys I'll be putting bids in on this week.

This is a particularly bad week on the waiver wire, so I will list a few guys and give some general waiver wire advice.

General Waiver Wire Advice

  • Check The IR.  Be sure, especially this time of year, to look over all the guys on IR.  There are many players that owners either gave up on or had to make tough roster decisions and let go because their player was on IR.  This is a great way to find guys that you were high on when the season began but have since been forgotten.  Since they are not scoring points, they will be buried on your "players" page on your website.  Be sure to check for guys on IR.
  • Go Back To Your Draft Board.  It's wise this time of year to go back to your rookie draft board and see if any of the guys you liked in the rookie draft are now available.  You'll be surprised to see that some of them are because they have not got playing time this year.  These are the exact players you should pick up this time of year when you drop your kickers, which brings me to my last tip.
  • If you're out, drop your kickers.  Once you're out of the playoffs it's a good idea to drop your kicker.  Kickers are the least predictable fantasy players.  During the offseason there is no need to roster a kicker.  It's better to fill your team with one more upside RB or WR, like one of the guys on your rookie draft board that is available or a guy that's on IR.


Last week I listed Teddy Bridgewater.  I still think it is wise to hold him because I predict he will be starting for another team next year.

Kyle Lauletta (NY Giants): The Giants said this week that they do plan to play Lauletta this year.  Once the Giants are officially out of the playoff race, they have to see what they have in Lauletta in order to plan for the draft.  I wouldn't drop many players to pick him up, but if you want to take a chance, now is the time to get him before he gets his first start.

Running Backs

Last week I listed Justin Jackson.  After Ekeler looked bad in the first half Sunday night, Jackson came in a showed what he's got.  He's a way better 1st and 2nd down back than Ekeler.  If you picked him up last week, he's a good start this week and a great future handcuff to Gordon.

Jeff Wilson (San Francisco): Have you heard the term "Shanahanigans?"  Mike Shanahan used to toy with fantasy owners by mixing in different RBs.  Each of them would do great, but you never knew which one to start. Well his son, Kyle, has done the same thing this year in San Franciso.  This week it was Jeff Wilson's turn, and he did look awesome.  I seriously doubt he is a long-term hold for our dynasty teams, but he could be a value in the playoff stretch, especially since Breida has already been ruled out for next week.

Wide Receivers

Last week I listed Jake Kumerow.  He only caught one ball last week, but I do think he will get more play time now that Green Bay is out of the playoff race.  They will give all of their rookie WRs play time.  He'd be the last guy on my roster if I had him.  I would be willing to drop him for any of the guys I listed this week, except Lauletta.

  1. Deon Cain (Indianapolis): Remember my tip: Check the IR?  I was really surprised to find him available.  None of the other WRs in Indianapolis have run away the the WR2 job.  In fact, they all look very average.  All reporters said that Cain was having an awesome camp before he was injured.  I like his chances to come back and become Luck's #3 target behind TY Hilton and whichever TE he chooses to love each week.  I was not nearly as high on him as others in the rookie draft last year. I had him as my #55 player overall.  Still this is the perfect kind of move to make this time of year just to hold him until next season.  I put in several waiver bids for him this week.

Tight Ends

Ian Thomas (Carolina): This would be my #1 waiver wire move this week.  Olsen is finally out for what looks to be the remainder of the season and likely for his career.  Thomas was my #6 ranked TE in last year's rookie draft and my #38 player over all.  He did not do much early in the season while Olsen was out weeks 1-5, but now he has been on the team for 10 more weeks and knows the system.  He was a big part of the offense last week after Olsen went out and I am sure he will continue to be.  Cam loves his TEs too.  This is a great long-term dynasty addition.  Try to get him this week.  I'd be willing to drop almost all of the other TEs we've picked up on the waiver wire this year (Arnold, Vannett, Uzomah, Hurst) to get him with the exception of Chris Herndon.

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