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Fri Nov 2nd 2018

Stock Report Week #9

Whose Rising and Falling

These are the players who have made the largest rises and largest falls in my rankings this week.

Stock Rising


  1. Mitch Trubisky (Chicago): I moved him up to my QB 11.  This move up the ranks is more about having faith in coach Nagy than in the player.  Mitch has looked awful half the time, but Nagy finds a way to make his fantasy day look better than his real football day.  His combined fantasy points the last 4 games is more than any four from Maholmes this year!  Plus he gives you about 5 points a week running the ball.  He only trails Cam Newton in QB rushing yards this year.  His real football play could get better since he's only in his second year as a pro and first year in this offense.

Running Backs

  1. James Conner (Pittsburg): I moved him up to my RB 9. For the first time, I moved him ahead of Bell in my ranks.  This sounds crazy, but I would trade away Bell for Conner if given the offer.  He's younger and he's produced just as well, and who knows how well Bell will fit in with whatever new team he joins next year.  I believe he has won the job, even if Bell comes back. He has done so with his play, and he has done so with his heart and attitude.  He was won the locker room too. I don't believe Pittsburg needs to draft a RB next year after Bell is gone.  They have their guy.
  2. Chris Carson (Seattle): I moved him up to my RB 33.  It appears that Seattle has found their lead back.  He's run the ball 90 times in the last four games that he has played, and Seattle has become a run-first offense.  I moved him ahead of Penny for the first time.  Seattle is one team that feels no need to play a guy just because he was a first round pick.  They believe Carson is better.  So do I.

Wide Receivers

  1. Courtland Sutton (Denver): I moved him up to my WR 23.  He'll finally be the true #2 WR in Denver now that Thomas was traded.  He was already playing better than Thomas.  He drops some balls and makes some rookie mistakes, but he also makes plays that few WRs can make.  Coaches and GMs can't lie to us when it comes to the draft, free agency, and trades.  They have spoken.  He is the future WR #1 on their team.  He'll take some time to pass Sanders (if Denver even keeps Sanders after this year), but he will pass him.
  2. Marvin Jones (Detroit): I moved him up to my WR 37.  He finally had a Marvin Jones like game last week.  Looks like he'll have the chance to keep making plays and scoring TDs since Tate was traded away.  I worry a bit because it seems like Patricia is trying to make Detroit and run-first kind of team, but Stafford still likes to target Jones deep and in the endzone. 
  3. Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Green Bay): I moved him up to my WR 45. He was second in WR snap count for Green Bay last week.  He has moved righ past Allison and Cobb, let alone all the other rookie WRs in Green Bay.  This is a guy we picked up off the waiver wire this year, and now he has earned Rodger's trust.  He should be cacthing TD passes in Green Bay for many years to come.  Try to buy him from another owner now, because I believe this is the lowest his price will be for a long time.

Tight Ends

  1. Jack Doyle (Indianapolis): I moved him up to my TE 8.  He's back from injury, and already playing more than 70% of the snaps.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Luck and Reich love to target TEs, especially in the endzone.  He threw 3 TDs to 3 different TEs last week!  Doyle has moved right past Ebron in the coach's eyes and my rankings too.
  2. Chris Herndon (NY Jets): I moved him up to my TE 23.  He's not getting many targets, just 11 the last 3 weeks, but he has scored a TD each of the last 3 weeks, which is all we need from the TE position in fantasy.  I'd like to see him get a higher percentage of snap counts.  He is at 53% this season, but he could be earning that role.  A 23 ranking is pretty nice for a guy we picked up off the waiver wire this year!

Stock Falling


  1. Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay): I moved him down to my QB 17.  Geez.  He looked awful last week and did deserve to be benched.  I assume he will be the starter in Tampa Bay next year or at the very least get traded to start for another team, but he needs to learn quite a bit about the game and about himself during this time on the bench before he can be trusted.

Running Backs

  1. Corey Clement (Philadelphia): I moved him down to my RB 57.  I was so hopeful.  I have Clement everywhere and was so hopeful that he'd finally get to handle the load when Ajayi went down, but he could not beat out the likes of Smallwood and Adams.  I don't believe there is a path forward for Clement to be a fantasy starter any more.

Wide Receivers

  1. Allen Robinson (Chicago): I moved him down to my WR 26.  This was a cumulative fall.  He's still injury prone.  He wasn't a spark or a key part of the Chicago offense in the games that he has played.  And they are doing just fine as an offense without him.  If he does not become a more important part of the offense when he comes back from his injury, he could drop fast in my rankings.
  2. Doug Baldwin (Seattle): I moved him down to my WR 32.  Seattle has become a run-first team.  He still seems to be hampered by his injury and has said as much. And Seattle has found a new weapon in David Moore while Lockett is having the best year of his career.  There are a lot of signs pointing down for Baldwin.
  3. Nelson Agholor (Philadelphia): I moved him down to my WR 48.  GMs and coaches speak with their trades.  What they spoke in trading for Golden Tate was, "Agholor is not cutting it."  Aside from the one big game this year, Agholor has not been a startable WR.  He had to fall down the rankings this week.

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