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Fri Nov 9th 2018

Stock Report Week #10

Whose Rising and Falling

These are the players who have made the largest rises and largest falls in my rankings this week.

Stock Rising

Running Backs

  1. Ito Smith (Atlanta): I moved him up to my RB 37.  He's been playing more than 40% of the snaps the last three weeks and is definitely a regular part of the offense now.  Atlanta will have a clear idea what they have in Ito by the time the season ends, and that likely will allow them to let Coleman go in free agency.  Freeman is on IR this year, and I believe he is past his prime and likely to get hurt next year too.  At the very least, Smith will be splitting the backfield in this explosive offense next year, and I suspect he will surpass Freeman as the lead back by the end of the year.
  2. Dion Lewis (Tennessee): I moved him up to my RB 40.  It's clear that Tennessee has made Dion their lead back.  Derrick Henry may get some goalline touches like he did Monday night, but all the yards on the ground and in the air are going to Dion.  Their offense looked good for the first time last week coming off of their bye week.  Maybe they have made not just a lead RB change but some schematic changes to get better as a whole on offense.  I am going to try to make some trade offers for him this weekend before the deadline.
  3. Spencer Ware (Kansas City): I moved him up to my RB 55. It felt like this last week Kansas City made a concerted effort to get Ware the ball in the passing game.  There were plays designed just for him.  As a result, we were reminded of how great a player he is.  He was thought to be a top 15 RB before his injury and before drafting Kareem Hunt.  I love to have high powered back-ups like this on my  roster.  Especially when it appears he has moved into their passing-down back role.  He's a better than the starting RBs on 50% of NFL teams.

Wide Receivers

  1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Green Bay): I moved him up to my WR 38.  He only had three catches last week but he made the most of them, turning them into 101 yards.  He had 81% of the snaps last week, and has earned Rodger's trust.  I had him as the 44th ranked rookie last year but he'd be a top 20 guy if I re-ranked the rookies today.  His speed sets him apart.  I only have him ranked above these other rookies because he gets the benefit of playing with Rodgers.
  2. Anthony Miller (Chicago): I moved him up to my WR 39.  I was much higher on him in my rookie rankings than most experts.  I had him as my #10 ranked rookie last year and my #2 ranked WR, just behind DJ Moore.  He's been more involved in the offense the last 3 weeks and was targeted 19 times over that span.  His "my-ball" mentality and toughness set him apart.
  3. DJ Moore (Carolina): I moved him up to my WR 40. He was my #9 ranked rookie last year and the #1 ranked rookie WR.  His run after the catch ability is what sets him apart.  Carolina seems to have recongnized that, but may not have the type of offense that can best utilize his skills.  Otherwise he'd be ranked ahead of these rookies. I was not happy when he was drafted by Carolina, and so far they have justified my feelings. 

Tight Ends

  1. Nick Vannett (Seattle): I moved him up to my TE 30. We're back to what I thought at the start of the season.  Vannett is the TE to own in Seattle.  He's young, big, and has been in the Seattle system longer than all the other TEs.  I think there is no looking back now.  He's their most involved TE and Wilson loves to throw to his TEs.
  2. Jeff Heuerman (Denver): I moved him up to my TE 31.  I guess we know who is going to get the passes lost after the Thomas trade.  Heuerman played 71% of the snaps and caught 10 of 11 balls thrown his way.  He's young and has a chance to establish himself as the long-term solution at TE while Jake Butt is on IR.  Butt has not proven anything, so it would take a lot to surpass Heuerman next year, especially if he keeps playing like this.

Stock Falling


  1. Russell Wilson (Seattle): I moved him down to my QB 7.  It's not a huge drop, but I did move a few guys ahead of him this week. The offensive scheme changes have just made him less valuable.  He has had a few big fantasy games this year, but they have only been when he has thrown for several touchdowns.  His passing yards and running yards are way down this year.  It seems like Seattle plans to keep it that way.
  2. Joe Flacco (Baltimore): I moved him down to my QB 27.  The team is struggling and may need to see what they have in Lamar Jackson.  He was on fire at the start of the year, almost like he was trying to prove something. The last 4-5 games, however, not so much.  I believe he will be watching from the sideline soon and may need to find a new team if he's unwilling to be a back-up.  This newly report "hip injury" may be a kind way of making that transition.

Running Backs

  1.  Bilal Powell (NY Jets): I moved him down to my RB 73.  His significant injury and the great first week back by Elijah McGuire make me think he will not get much of an opportunity to play in the years to come.  If Mcguire plays well while Powell is IR, I suspect the Jets will cut him.

Wide Receivers

  1. AJ Green (Cincinnati): I moved him down to my WR 13.  It was not a huge drop in my rankings, but I did move some younger guys ahead of Green.  This is his second year to have a late season injury and could be a sign of him showing his age.
  2. Taywan Taylor (Tennessee): I moved him down to my WR 79.  This one stinks for me because I own him everywhere.  I thought this would be the year for his breakout.  It looked that way in the preseason, but we now have a half season of data to show that it's not likely to happen.  I think I am ready to drop him from my rosters.  I just fear a Tyler Boyd scenario happening if I do.

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