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Sat Dec 15th 2018

Player Stock Week #15

Whose Rising and Falling

Stock Rising


  1. Dak Prescott (Dallas): I moved him up to my QB 13.  Dak was a top 10 ranked dynasty QB through about the midway point of last season.  Then his stock fell quickly through the start of this season.  He had no weapons, was not running the ball, and had become very inaccurate.  Something has changed since they aquired Amari Cooper though.  It has opened up the offense and Dak is playing like he did in his rookie year.  Plus they are throwing the ball to Zeke a lot more, so now he has two of the best weapons being used in the passing game.
  2. Lamar Jackson (Balitmore) and Josh Allen (Buffalo): I moved them up to my QB 18 and 19.  They have a cheat code for the time being.  They are racking up points with their legs, and that wins fantasy games.  It's the kind of thing I don't think can last, but it is buying them time to adjust to the NFL and they have been handed the starting roles on their teams.  I'd like to see them improve as pure passers before moving them much higher than this.

Running Backs

  1. Spencer Ware (Kansas City): I moved him up to my RB 25.  He's now the starting running back in KC (when healthy).  That's enough to move him up.  I've always liked his ability too.  He was a guy I loved and traded for a two years ago before the Chiefs drafted Kareem Hunt.  I thought he would be a top 15 RB back then.  The offense has just gotten better since then too with the addition of Maholmes.  However, I do fear that KC will make some sort of roster move at RB this offseason, whether in free agency or in the draft.
  2. Derrick Henry (Tennessee): I moved him up to my RB 35.  Did the Titans finally figure out what they have in Henry?  I kind of doubt it, but I had to move him up after that performance last week.  I would try to sell high on him, especially if he can put together one to two more weeks like that.  He did this at the end of last season too, but I was unable to sell him last year.  He has to be one of the biggest and hardest to tackle backs in the league. I wonder if there is something to the fact that some teams at the end of the season have given up and don't care to tackle him.  That said, last year he did it in the playoffs too.
  3. Damien Williams (Kansas City): I moved him up to my RB 52. This is only because he is now the back-up in Kansas City (or the starter this week with Ware injured).  He has looked great in spurts during his years with Miami.  I think he can do that again while Ware is hurt and earn a shared role with Ware next season if KC doesn't pick up anyone else in free agency or the draft.

Wide Receivers

  1. Amari Cooper (Dallas): I moved him up to my WR 14.  Sorry to those of you (like me) who lost because of him last week.  He's always been a guy that needs a lot of targets to have breakout games.  Well now he is getting them, and Dallas will be motivated to continue to prove that he was worth the first round pick they gave up to get him.  He's back in our good graces and climbing up the ranks.
  2. Mike Williams (LA Chargers): I moved him up to my WR 35.  If Cooper cost you the game last week, Williams could very well be the guy who costs you the game this week (if he was even started).  That game on Thursday was exactly what we thought we could see from him when we drafted him in the top of our rookie drafts two years ago.  Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.  He's a perfect red zone taget with his size and great hands.  It may have taken nearly two years, but we're starting to see his potential.  I still think Kennan Allen is by far the best WR in LA and will get more targets than Williams, but Allen struggles in the red zone, so that could be Williams' role.

Stock Falling


  1. Josh Rosen (Arizona): I moved him down to my QB 20.  I admit to being wrong on this one.  I had Rosen as my highest ranked rookie QB in last year's rookie draft, and now all the other rookie QBs have passed in my rankings.  He's had more opportunities than all of them, but has not played nearly as well. 

Running Backs

  1. Sony Michel (New England): I moved him down to my RB 19.  He's getting opportunities but is just not making the most of them.  He's also caught in the middle of a diverse backfield with a coach who hates our fantasy teams.  There is always a touchdown vulture in New England.  Honestly, I rarely roster Patriot WRs or RBs because of this.  It's a major factor for me.
  2. Marlon Mack (Indianapolis): I moved him down to my RB 26.  I just don't like the way they're distributing touches in Indianapolis.  The last two weeks Hines has had more of the workload.  Mack strikes me as a guy who needs space to hit holes and look good.  When the hole is there, he can hit it fast, but he doesn't get the little yards when he has to make them on his own.  I think Indianapolis may be in the Leveon Bell market this offseason.

Wide Receivers

  1. Doug Baldwin (Seattle): I moved him down to my WR 33.  This has been an awful year for Baldwin.  His injuries and the Seahawks commitment to the running game have diminished his value.  He's 30 years old, so I assume we've seen the best of Baldwin.  I already sold him in one league this year.

Tight Ends

  1. Trey Burton (Chicago): I moved him down to my TE 16.  This one is super disappointing.  He was supposed to be the next Travis Kelce in Nagy's offense.  We were told that they picked him up in free agency for that role.  Well it's just not happening for him.  He's scored a total of 7 points the last three weeks combined!

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