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Sat Dec 8th 2018

Player Stock Week #14

Whose Rising and Falling

These are the players who have made the largest rises and largest falls in my rankings this week.

Stock Rising

Running Backs

  1. Tarik Cohen (Chicago): I moved him up to my RB 26.  He's the #12 RB on the year and is head and shoulders (not a short joke) ahead of Jordan Howard.  Nagy knows how to use explosive players like him.  He's proven it already and I expect it to continue.  There is room on our dynasty teams to start these smaller backs.  The NFL is changing, making them more and more valuable.
  2. John Kelly (LA Rams): I moved him up to my RB 59.  I had him as a top 20 rookie last year before the NFL draft.  When he was drafted by the Rams, I had to move him down my draftboard, since he would never beat out Gurly.  He could still be a valuable hand cuff and could get mixed in there at the end of the season since Malcolm Brown was injured.  The Rams were already starting to give Brown more touches to keep Gurley fresh.  Now Kelly can be that guy.  Brown is a free agent after this year so if Kelly plays well, he could win the back-up spot for next year.
  3. Jeff Wilson (San Francisco): I moved him up to my RB 86. Actually, I moved him from not being ranked at all to 86.  I don't think he is a long-term answer.  The San Francisco backfield belongs McKinnon and Breida next year, but Wilson has a chance here at the end of the season to change the coach's mind.

Wide Receivers

  1. Golden Tate (Philadelphia): I moved him up to my WR 38.  He was back to doing Golden Tate like things last Sunday.  He was utilized much like he was in Detroit and was their most targeted WR.  I think he is acclimated to the offense and is going to be a big part of their offense from here on out.
  2. Dede Westbrook (Jacksonville): I moved him up to my WR 43.  It's a modest move up, but I think he is by far the best WR in Jacksonville.  He's played well, even with bad QB play.  Next year they should have a new QB in Jacksonville.  I always give a little nudge to Biletnikoff award winners since they usually have successful NFL careers.  He's worth trying to make a trade for before they get a new QB and coaching staff in Jacksonville.
  3. Antonio Callaway (Cleveland): I moved him up to my WR 48.  He's becoming an active part of the Cleveland offense which is improving week by week and he's their only deep threat.  It's always nice to be a rookie linked to a great rookie QB like Mayfield.  He would have been drafted much higher in our rookie drafts if he did not have the off-field concerns. So far the preseason was the last time he was in trouble off the field so maybe he is maturing as a player and a person.
  4. Zay Jones (Buffalo): I moved him up to my WR 58.  He was an end of the first round or start of the second round rookie draft pick two years ago, but most owners gave up on him after his rough start, off-field issues, and horrible QB play.  Josh Allen seems to be improving and Zay is along with him.   Sadly, I am one of those owners that dropped him.  I regret it.

Tight Ends

  1. Vance McDonald (Pittsburg): I moved him up to my TE 14.  He's the #11 TE on the year so far and looks to be a long-term starter for Steelers.  He's incredibly athletic and fast.  He's a better receiver than blocker, but still plays 65% of the snaps.  I like his future upside.
  2. Dan Arnold (New Orleans): I moved him up to my TE 28.  He's clearly taken over the TE1 role in New Orleans.  He could be moving up my ranks even further in the coming weeks.  I like what I see in his ball stills, and I like the way Brees and Peyton are finding ways to get him the ball.  They like him, so I like him too.

Stock Falling

Running Backs

  1. Kareem Hunt (Kansas City): I moved him down to my RB 17.  No one knows where to rank him at this point.  I am sure he will move up if he signs with a team, but one of the things that made his value so high was his connection with the Chiefs' offense.  I can't think of a better team that he could land on.  He has to move down until we learn what is next for him.

Wide Receivers

  1. Emmanuel Sanders (Denver): I moved him down to my WR 41.  This stinks, because I love him as a player.  But an achilles injury is extremely tough to come back from, and he is going to be a free agent after this year.  Younger guys with more upside now have to move ahead of Sanders in my ranks.

Tight Ends

  1. Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota): I moved him down to my TE 17.  He's just not a focal point of this offense.  Touchdowns were what made him valuable the last few years and he only has 2 this year.  He's taken a pretty big fall since the season began.  I thought Cousins would target him like he did Jordan Reed in Washington, but it just has not happened.  He's not targeted enough anymore.
  2. Greg Olsen (Carolina): I moved him down to my TE 29.  He has a year left in his contract, but I don't believe he will come back.  This latest injury and the opportunity to get into the media may lead to last week's game being the last of his career.

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