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Thu Sep 13th 2018

Player Stock Week #1

Rising and Falling

Stock Rising


  1. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City): I moved him up to my QB 12.  I was one of the doubters.  I was wrong.  I do believe Reid is an incredible play-caller, especially when he has an entire offseason to prepare for one game. Hopefully he can keep his creative play calling going. 
  2. Sam Darnold (NY Jets): I moved him up to my QB 17. He seemed poised and in control, even after the ridiculous pick 6 on his first play.  I think he will have some rough patches going forward, but he's getting starter reps before any of the other rookies so far.

Running Backs

  1. Jame Conner (Pittsburg): I moved him up to my RB 29.  This is his tryout to win the job next year even if Bell does come back sometime this year.  Tryout #1 was awesome!  If he keeps playing well, Pittsburg may not draft an RB next year because they know he'll be able to carry the load.  I think he can.
  2. Chris Thompson (Washington): I moved him up to my RB 36.  I've always liked Gruden's play calling.  He know how to make a passing down RB an every week fantasy starter.  You always feel shaky starting what seems to be just a 3rd down back, but every time he over delivers.  Being on the field less actually helps him not get injured too.
  3. Austin Ekeler (LA Chargers): I moved him up to my RB 51.  He easily beat out Justin Jackson as the Gordon handcuff, and now he has a role even greater than that.  The Chargers are passing the ball to Gordon a lot too, but it seems like Ekeler is still going to play a lot.  He had 42 snaps in game 1.

Wide Receivers

  1. Mike Williams (LA Chargers): I moved him up to my WR 22.  Tyrell Williams had more snaps (62 to 44), but he also dropped two passes, including a touchdown.  Mike Williams played great on his 42 snaps, and I suspect will quickly become the #2 WR for the Chargers.
  2. Chris Godwin (Tampa Bay): I moved him up to my WR 35.  Godwin played 70% of the snaps compared to Jaskson's 30%.  Jackson had the better fantasy day but he does not have a better future.  Godwin is ready to take over as the #2 WR in this explosive offense.
  3. Kenny Golladay (Detroit):  I moved him up to my WR 36.  Stafford passed the ball about equally to all three of his WRs, but Detroit also lined up in 3-WR sets almost every play.  He's going to have the chance to replace Tate or Jones by mid-season.
  4. Dante Pettis (San Fransisco): I moved him up to my WR 55.  He had an incredible TD catch and may get more playing time given Goodwin's injury. He was my #16 overall rookie in last year's draft.  He knows how to run crisp routes and get open. 
  5. Quincy Enunwa (NY Jets): I moved him up to my WR 57.  Welcome back Quincy!  He has recovered from his injury last year.  It seems Darnold has found his favorite man, targeting him 10 times Monday night.

Tight Ends

  1. George Kittle (San Fransisco): I moved him all the way up to my TE 8. He was super active in the offense and could have had an even better game if he caught a two other balls (bad throw and a drop).  He's an incredible athlete and has a long future with Jimmy G and Shanahan.
  2. Jared Cook (Oakland): I moved him up to my TE 15.  You may scoff, and would be right to do so since he has been a one-game-wonder many times before.  However, I was convinced to move him up by the way Oakland was using him.  Gruden had him lined up everywhere.  He was basically a WR the entire game. 

Stock Falling


  1. DeShaun Watson (Houston): I moved him down to my QB 10. He just looked bad.  This was more what I thought he would look like last year. He was my 4th ranked QB in the 2017 rookie draft.  Maybe it was rust or just how hard it is to play New England on the road, but I don't think so.

Running Backs

  1. LeSean McCoy (Buffalo): I moved "Shady" down to my RB 37.  I had hopes that he could produce on an awful team because I still love his talent, but it is likely not going to happen.  I worry Buffalo will be behind in games and he will get pulled.
  2. Devontae Booker (Denver): I moved him down to my RB 64.  This stinks for me because I have held him in many leagues and believed he was good.  I guess I was wrong.  The passing down role he was supposed to have even after Freeman was drafted has been taken by the UDFA, Phillip Lindsay.  Booker's days are almost over.

Wide Receivers

  1. Amari Cooper  (Oakland): I moved him down to my WR 17.  I still love the talent, but its about time to stop making excuses for him.  I still might have him ranked too high!

Tight Ends

  1. Delanie Walker (Tennesse) and Greg Olsen (Carolina): I moved them down to my TE 21 and 20 (respectively).  I hate to drop guys too far based on injury, but I am willing to do so with older guys.  Especially those with highly drafted back-ups like Jonnu Smith and Ian Thomas.  Young tight ends take time to develop, but now their back ups have 15 games to do so. 

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