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Sat Jul 13th 2019

Positional Philosophy: Quarterbacks

The Quarterback Position

During this dead period before training camps begin and we get real news about players, I thought I'd write a few short articles that detail some of my strategies and philosophies at each of the offensive positions.  My hope is that these articles will help you make decisions in the coming year that will balance out your rosters and put you in a better position to become a dynasty in your leagues.

Here is my philosophy when it comes to the quarterback position in one-QB leagues.  There are exceptions to every rule, but these are the things I aim for in all of my leagues.  After listing them, I will share what my QB rooms look like on all of my teams.

I Roster 2-3 QBs

  • I don't like to hold more than 3 QBs at any time. In 12-team leagues, I will often just roster 2 QBs, especially if they have proven durability.   In my 27-30 man rosters, this equates to about 10% of my roster.  I want 70-80% of my roster to be filled with RBs and WRs. 

I Prefer Older QBs

  • My rosters are almost all filled with veteran QBs.  I like having 5-10 years of history to show me exactly what I can expect from a QB rather than betting on the upside of a young guy with breakout potential.  10 of last year's top 12 QBs were 29 years old or older and had played in the NFL 6 or more years.  They have a proven track record.  QBs don't move up and down my dynasty rankings as fast as they do at other positions.  Older vets that have already become top 10 QBs tend to stay top 10 QBs for years to come.

I Stream My QBs

  • I don't have to have a true #1 QB.  I am happy to stream the guys that I have on my roster from week to week based on their match-ups.  I rarely have an every-week starter on my teams.  I do have 2-3 top ten guys on my teams and start a different one each week.

I Highly Value The Offensive System

  • More than any position, the offensive system plays a huge role in the dynasty value of the QB.  When you get a QB connected to creative coaches like Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Doug Pederson and the like, your QB is going to have more opportunities to score.  Coaches that are less creative, more committed to the run game, and defensive minded bring down the dynasty value of the quarterback like John Harbaugh, Sean McDermott, Mike Vrabel, and Doug Marrone.

I Value Yards Over Touchdowns

  • Touchdowns are a little harder to predict from year to year compared to yards.  Take Matt Ryan's TD count for the last 5 years: 35, 20, 38, 21, 28.   Or Rusell Wilson: 35, 34, 21, 34, 20.  There are certainly some QBs that are more consistent in their TD passes year to year, but many are not.  What is far more consistent, though, is their passing yards.  I want QBs that pass for 4000-5000 yards every year and have 550 or more attempts every year.  Production and touchdowns will come with this level of passing and yards. 

I Value Pocket Passers Over Runners

  • I know some people will disagree with me on this, but I don't like to carry QBs that run the ball a lot.  Some say it's a cheat code to fantasy production.  I say it's a way to get injured and is not as reliable week to week. Last year only 2 of the top 12 QBs had more than 100 yards rushing on the year.  Good QBs do not have to run.  They win by reading defenses and passing the ball downfield.  It's just not true that running QBs will help your dynasty team.  It's not a good long-term strategy to roster them.

I Rarely Draft A Rookie QB

  • I can only point to a few times that I have ever drafted a QB in the rookie draft.  That's largely because, in one-QB leagues, they are just not as valuable.  It's also because I already have 2-3 steady QBs on my roster and just don't need to draft one. 

Here are my current rosters at QB

  • Keeper League (10-team, 30-man roster): Jameis Winston, Jimmy Garoppolo, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers
  • Diehard League (12-team, 27-man roster): Phillip Rivers, Jameis Winston
  • Freek League (10-team, 30-man roster): Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, Joe Flacco
  • Good Times League (10-team, 30-man roster): Russell Wilson, Jared Goff, Josh Rosen
  • Reality Sports Online League (12-team, 24-man roster): Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo
  • FFPC League (12-team, 20-man roster): Matt Ryan, Tom Brady

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